Don't Look Down

from by Barabajagal

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Bit of a sappy song this, a guilty lyrical pleasure of mine I don't really indulge too much. It came about because I wanted a song heavily featuring one of my favourite types of chord - the sus2. I play it often on guitar, but never on piano and I wanted to remedy that. So I did.


Now on the ferris wheel
The wind it moves us by,
People never see us here
Attached to the sky.

Clouds, lovers and you and me
All on this scenery.

Don't look down the angels sing
(But I do).

An echo from a distant shore
Sweeps into my mind.
Never will I long for
A memory left behind.

The sky stays a placid blue
For me and you.

Don't look down the angels sing
(But I do).

Don't look down the angels sing
(But I do).


from So This, released November 15, 2016
All Instruments and Vocals - David Cooper




Barabajagal Dunedin, New Zealand

Barabajagal are a band who make music.

It's pretty ok stuff really.

It's rooted in psychedelia but incorporates so many genres that it doesn't really seem too definable. But it's ok with that.

Despite being a kiwi band the songwriter is actually rather English, so whenever he sings you'd be hard pressed to go "wow, those kiwis huh". Still, New Zealand-ish.

Pronounced Bah-Rabba-Jaggle.
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