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This is already one of my most requested songs live. It's just fun. And murdery. I tried studio recording this song more than any other. I am currently sitting on something close to Take 20 which is ridiculous for what it is. But I never catch the spirit of it except when live. So this is a live recording.


[Polite Applause]

There’s a happy hippopotamus hippo plodding along
As the toucan band sang him his song.

He’s a little happy, little hairy,
Little hippy happy hippopotamus.

Then down from a tree came his friend the monkey
Said “Mr Pottywottymus look at me,
I can sing you a song and it won’t be too long
So you can hippo party along.

It’s about a little happy, little hairy,
Little hippy happy hippopotamus.

While the monkey sang, snuck Orangutan
Behind Mr Pottylottymus for they had thunk a plan.
So monkey sang his song, which is getting quite long,
But fun if you hippo party along.

About a little happy, little hairy,
Little hippy happy hippopotamus.

But when the song slowed Mr Potty did know
Of a wallet sized hole in the pocket of

A not so happy, little hungry,
Little hippy happy hippopotamus.

Then monkey did shout for Oranga to get out,
Cos Mr Pottynottymus is charging about,
And no one sang the song of the Hippo-ma-tron
Cos he ate the Orangutan.

[Thunderous Applause]


from So This, released November 15, 2016
All Instruments and Vocals - David Cooper
Recording - Fraser Thompson




Barabajagal Dunedin, New Zealand

Barabajagal are a band who make music.

It's pretty ok stuff really.

It's rooted in psychedelia but incorporates so many genres that it doesn't really seem too definable. But it's ok with that.

Despite being a kiwi band the songwriter is actually rather English, so whenever he sings you'd be hard pressed to go "wow, those kiwis huh". Still, New Zealand-ish.

Pronounced Bah-Rabba-Jaggle.
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