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I understand that the lyrics might be a bit impenetrable here, so for a little background one night at my regular shrub collectors symposium a fine young lady took to the stage to play some music. However, of the 15 minutes she was given to play she spent 10 minutes complaining vividly about the treatment of shrubbery at these conventions and that it's a societal conspiracy against her. Sometime later, a spittle covered audience were suitably impressed by the one song that lady had time for. That ladies name? Gorse.


Up on the stage, it's like a 20p suite,
Play in time so you shuffle your feet.
With 99 problems, this being one,
Communism's coming, it's time to run.

In the plastic discount bag you'll find
Broken fragments of a broken mind
Beside a letter to President Reagan
Detailing the problems with evolution.

Tonight you say to me
Tonight you say to me
I am the gorse
I'm in the gorse.

Online privacy, it's such a fickle thing
Share your voice before you can sing.
When there's something to say just tell everyone
Never stay stuck under someones thumb,

Stand on a podium of cigarette butts,
What's going on with budget cuts?
Tell the whole world cos no one seems to know
Can't stay long, someone's coming, gotta go.

Tonight you say to me
Tonight you say to me
I am the gorse
I'm in the gorse.

Caterpillar hood through a slashed up amp
Rocking birds rocking in a panic attack
Glass on the street leads back to your feet
So three cheers to the Butcher, you and your peers.

I am the gorse.


from So This, released November 15, 2016
All Instruments and Vocals - David Cooper




Barabajagal Dunedin, New Zealand

Barabajagal are a band who make music.

It's pretty ok stuff really.

It's rooted in psychedelia but incorporates so many genres that it doesn't really seem too definable. But it's ok with that.

Despite being a kiwi band the songwriter is actually rather English, so whenever he sings you'd be hard pressed to go "wow, those kiwis huh". Still, New Zealand-ish.

Pronounced Bah-Rabba-Jaggle.
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